Top 10 Affordable Sustainable Swimwear Brands (2024)

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By Biancha

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Sustainability is what’s hot for the summer (especially if you’re traveling away from the cold to an exotic vacation). But if you’re reading this, you know that eco-friendly clothing isn’t always affordable.

Good thing you have WILDR to guide you on the best affordable sustainable swimsuits (we’re shameless).

Affordable sustainable swimwear brands combine eco-friendly practices with fashion-forward designs, offering options that are kind to both the wallet and the planet.

Who knew that with every purchase, you’re making the world a better place?

Best Brands by Type

All the 10 best brands of affordable sustainable swimwear make an impact on style and our planet, but here are the notable best ofs.

  • Best for stylish swimwear made from recycled materials like water bottles: Do Good Swimwear
  • Best for inclusive size & body type: Summersalt
  • Best for women empowerment: Sensi Graves
  • Best for high environmental standards (certified): Wolven

Explore other promising names you may not know yet—like Saturday Swimwear or Ohoy Swim—which bring fresh perspectives through innovative sustainable fabrics and diverse sizing options.

With concerns over fast fashion impacting our oceans and landfills growing louder each day, these brands are stepping up as part of the solution.

They’re not only changing how we shop for swimwear but also influencing bigger industries towards more eco-conscious approaches.

Understanding Sustainable Swimwear

diverse and inclusive women showcasing affordable sustainable swimwear

Did you know that a whopping 78% of US consumers say a sustainable lifestyle is important to them? But only 25% of US shoppers have increased their eco-conscious purchases.

Part of the reason is that there’s not enough information out there — and another reason is that there’s not one place to find them (enter Wildr marketplace launch in 2024).

Understanding what makes swimwear 'sustainable' is crucial—it means each piece comes from recyclable fabrics or ethical production methods aimed at reducing waste and pollution.

The impact might seem small — buying a sustainable bikini — but it represents something greater than just this purchase. It means embracing a better lifestyle, supporting better brands, and making thoughtful choices.

What it is and why it matters

Sustainable swimwear transforms eco-friendly materials into fashionable beach attire. It moves away from the traditional use of virgin plastics, and towards recycled and regenerated fabrics like repurposed fishing nets.

This change is so important because it reduces our reliance on non-renewable resources, limiting the environmental footprint left by our summer essentials.

Why does this matter to you as a consumer? Well, with every purchase of sustainable bikinis or one-pieces made from ethical sources, you're choosing more than just a trendy look—you're actively participating in a movement toward an eco-conscious lifestyle.

With every purchase, you’re making a statement about who you are and what you support.

Environmental impact of fast fashion and swimwear

woman sitting at the bottom of an ocean filled with trash

Fast fashion thrives on the creation of countless new swimwear styles each season, leading to significant plastic waste and pollution.

These trendy pieces are generally made with low-quality materials like petroleum-based fabrics, use high level of energy and water while releasing toxic chemicals, and often end up in landfills after only a few years.

They don’t call it the throwaway culture for no reason.

Ethical swimwear brands offer eco-friendly alternatives by utilizing recycled plastics or natural fibers that reduce carbon footprints drastically compared to conventional choices.

Factors to consider when choosing sustainable swimwear

Choosing the right sustainable swimwear goes beyond just looks. If you want to make an impact, both in style and on the environment, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are a few factors you might want to think about when making a purchase:

  • Transparency is key: Choose brands that openly share information about their manufacturing process and labor practices.
  • Material matters: Seek out swimwear crafted from either recycled or natural materials instead of synthetic fabrics.
  • Minimal environmental load: Aim for pieces made with low-impact materials that are recyclable or biodegradable.
  • Production processes count: Investigate how each piece of swimwear is made (or just read Wildr).
  • Fair labor practices: Support brands that prioritize fair working conditions and fair wages for their employees.
  • Company ethics: Avoid fast fashion brands and change your shopping habits by considering sustainability, environmental protection, and social responsibility.

If you’re ever in doubt, check the company’s About page, certifications, or any details about their sustainability best practices. If you can’t find any data or factual information on how the brand has met its sustainability goals, chances are, they’re greenwashing.

Affordable Sustainable Swimwear Brands to Try

a fashion runway for affordable sustainable swimwear

These affordable sustainable swimwear options provide budget-friendly solutions without compromising on style or ethics—a win for consumers looking to make responsible decisions without breaking the bank.

Support sustainable brands with ethical manufacturing practices that protect workers' rights and well-being. Choose swimwear brands that are committed to minimizing environmental harm while producing durable and long-lasting pieces.

What do we consider affordable by sustainable fashion standards? Most pieces on the top portion of this list (the first five) range from $40-$99.

Get ahead of the trends, and explore these next-gen labels committed to making a positive impact on both the environment and your wallet.

1. Do Good Swimwear

Do Good Swimwear is reshaping the world of ethical swimwear with its commitment to sustainability and affordability. Instead of opting for synthetic materials, they use ECONYL® yarn made from regenerated nylon and fishing nets retrieved from ocean waste.

They also have an awesome repair program where you can send back and fix any item with a broken strap or minor repair, or get $5 store credit to get it fixed near you.

What We Love: Kelia Twist Back Surf Top in Coral Reef to stand out in the crystal blue ocean, getting your surf on.

2. Kitty and Vibe

Kitty and Vibe shakes up the swimwear scene with an innovative approach: tailoring bikini bottoms for a perfect fit to your unique booty size.

This brand stands out in affordable sustainable swimsuits by helping everyone find their perfect match, making it a favorite among eco-conscious fashionistas.

What We Love: Banded Triangle Top with adjustable straps and a plunging neckline to accentuate your shape.

3. Summersalt

Summersalt takes pride in crafting collections with sustainable materials, favoring fabrics such as recycled plastic water bottles to create trendy bikinis and one-pieces.

They also embrace size inclusivity and a variety of styles that cater to diverse body types.

What We Love: The Sidestroke was featured on The Today Show as the “Unicorn of Swimsuits.” Curious?

4. Sensi Graves

Sensi Graves stands out from other brands by creating sustainable bathing suits that don’t just look good but also cater to active lifestyles, for women by women.

Their swimwear is tailored for high performance, durability, and functionality, catering to women who engage in water sports like surfing, kiteboarding, and wakeboarding.

What We Love: Wrap the stars around your body with this gorgeous Colleen Eco-friendly Reversible Bikini Top.

5. Saturday Swimwear

Saturday Swimwear is a great option for vibrant colors and varied pieces, catering to diverse body types and personal styles. From ethical manufacturing to giving back as a 1% for the Planet member, this brand prioritizes sustainability.

Their innovative use of revolutionary, handmade material are repurposed from old fishing nets and used carpets and fabric scraps from landfills and oceans around the world.

What We Love: Speaking of vibrant colors, check out the Mila Low Rise Bottom in Zest (love the fitting lemony name).

Other Sustainable Swimwear Brands to Explore

female models in affordable sustainable swimwear

Beyond our top picks, there's a wave of other eco-friendly swimwear brands that offer timeless pieces while prioritizing the planet.

These options might be slightly pricier, but trust me — they’re worth it.

6. Londre

Londre sets the bar high with their commitment to crafting high-quality, flattering swimsuits that are gentle on our planet with their recycling program, repair program, and minimal packaging.

Londre has repurposed over 1+ million plastic bottles, and uses a minimum of six recycled plastic bottles to create each swimsuit. These bottles are collected from streets and beaches, contributing to waste reduction.

What We Love: The Minimalist - Fiesta Red is for a red hot sizzlin’ time under the sun.

7. Wolven

Wolven is a Los Angeles-based brand known for its boho-chic style of bikinis and bodysuits designed to make you look and feel fabulous.

Each piece is versatile with cool reversible designs that double your options without doubling the waste. Made from OEKO-Tex certified materials, Wolven’s sustainable swimwear offers supportive fits that flatter your shape.

What We Love: This subtle but beautiful pattern on Harmony Reversible High-Waisted Bikini Bottom. Hurry, they’re almost out of stock!

8. Vitamin A

Vitamin A’s bikinis and bodysuits are made in California with their own innovative fabric made from recycled nylon, EcoLux™.

As an eco-friendly luxury brand, they blend environmental responsibility with chic, modern designs. They’ve saved over 1+ million gallons of water and minimized their carbon footprint.

What We Love: Mix and match with the best-selling Gia Triangle Top in Spearmint Green. We’re all about the bold, different colors.

9. Arrow + Phoenix

Arrow + Phoenix is a proud Black-owned business committed to sustainable fashion. Their mission resonates with us: promoting a lifestyle that also enriches the lives of others.

From humble beginnings as a blog, Arrow & Phoenix has grown into an influential force within the eco-conscious fashion industry, all while maintaining its production process within the U.S.

What We Love: Alaia One Piece in evergreen is a popular choice! This fiery bathing suit hugs you in all the right places to accentuate your unique shape.

10. Ohoy Swim

Ohoy Swim is proof that ethical fashion can merge with contemporary design, and appeal to millennials and Gen Z who are conscious about their environmental impact.

Ohoy Swim crafts flattering, long-lasting swimsuits from recycled and regenerated fabrics sourced from the ocean. The brand aligns with budget-friendly options for those looking to make responsible choices without sacrificing style or comfort.

What We Love: Perfect for the summer vibe, Anika Bikini Top Round Neck Blue Stripe is a high-quality piece certified by Global Recycled Standard.

Affordable Sustainable Swimwear

models posing in affordable sustainable bathing suits

As the warm months of 2024 approach again, consider sustainable swimwear for your summer wardrobe. With brands like Do Good Swimwear, Kitty and Vibe, and Summersalt setting the bar high, sustainable fashion is accessible with affordable prices on a budget!

Remember that when you choose one of these top sustainable options, you're not only making a statement with your style but also taking a stand for our planet's future.

And it’s not about perfection, but progress. One thing to remember is that we could never be truly 100% sustainable because we’re human beings and we consume things. We make an impact by just breathing and living!

But we can make smarter and better choices in the what, how, and why we consume the way we do. And we’re always full of ideas in case you want some tips on creating an eco-friendly wardrobe.

Make a small difference by picking up an ethical bikini or one-piece swimsuit that looks great while keeping our oceans cleaner.

We promise you’ll look and feel better!


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