How to Create an Eco Capsule Wardrobe for All Seasons in 2023

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Let's tweak the trendy capsule wardrobe idea by Who What Wear, and putting eco at the forefront by adopting a minimalist mindset for sustainable fashion. Considering I moved 12 times in 12 years, I learned a few things about collecting and discarding items.

My wardrobe hasn’t changed much in the last 3 years. I have maybe 30 pieces of clothing in my closet not including evening gowns, underwear, socks, jackets, and coats. They’re not all from sustainable fashion brands, but that’s starting to change, one piece at a time.

How to Create an Eco Capsule Wardrobe in 5 Steps (2023)

1. Minimize your wardrobe.

Sort through your clothes and create two piles: one to keep, one to toss. Keep an eye out for buying patterns like favorite brands and sustainable fabrics. Pandemic aside, the last couple of years gave me a chance to reflect on what lifestyle I want (hint: simple & sustainable), which will improve my buying decisions in the future.

2. Do it again.

We always keep more than what we tell ourselves and more often than not, we need to go deeper. Lay them out on the bed and mix and match as you go through all the seasons. I would keep versatile tops for formal or casual wear and everything in between. Bottoms are easier to customize outfits. Keep your favorite dresses, sweaters, and scarves (that you actually wear).

3. Be honest with yourself.

Are you keeping that red dress because it was a great time at that college frat party ten years ago? Or has it been dusting away in your closet because you’re still waiting for the perfect special occasion to wear it to?

I dare you to wear it in the next 7 days, or toss it because you never will. We’d love to see! Tag us in your post @madewildr!

4. Reuse, donate, or gift.

Before you toss, try to repurpose or gift it. I almost threw away a lot of race shirts that my husband and I had collected when we used to run together. I had them sewn into a large quilt instead, and my husband loved it.

If you want to donate, don’t forget to do your research on guidelines of the organization. Thrift stores and charities don’t accept everything you give them, so make sure your efforts aren’t wasted.

5. Challenge yourself.

Challenge yourself to do just one this season:

  1. Repair one piece of clothing whether it’s reattaching a button, or patching a small hole in your sock.
  2. Reuse with creativity as your guide. It can be anything from using an old t-shirt as a rag, or starting an herb garden in an empty milk jug.
  3. Recycle with intention (for 1 day, 1 week, you choose). Did you know when materials aren’t properly cleaned (think milk jug that hasn’t been rinsed out), it can contaminate the entire batch which then goes to landfill?

Honestly, if you’ve done all five steps above, you deserve a round of applause. It’s definitely not easy. That’s okay. Start with Step #1. Take your time and try to enjoy it.

If you want more ideas for sustainable living, we have the best tips to help you get started.

We would love to see your journey! Tag us in your post @madewildr.


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