Best Stylish Bags For Moms With Toddlers In 2024

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Being a mom is like being a superhero, and every hero needs the right gear. Did you know that a great bag can make all the difference during those busy toddler years? This post is packed with tips on finding stylish, functional bags that keep up with you and your little one's adventures.

This article cuts through the clutter, showcasing bags that not only look great but also keep everything for you and your toddler organized.

Key Takeaways

  • Moms with toddlers need bags that are stylish, big enough for all essentials, and have many pockets for organization.
  • Bags made from sustainable materials like apple leather or banana plant canvas are good for the environment and trendy too.
  • Look for mom bags with comfortable strapseasy-to-clean materials, and options to hook onto strollers for easier carrying.
  • Some top bag picks include the Samara Apple Leather Tote, Dagne Dover Indi Diaper Backpack, Jujube Classic Backpack, Pixie Mood Blossom Backpack, and Stella McCartney Logo Bananatex® Canvas Crossbody Bag.
  • There are also important accessories like wet bags and insulated bottle coolers that can make life simpler when carrying a mom's bag around.

Choosing the Perfect Bag for Moms with Toddlers

stylish bag for moms on the floor of a city apartment

Selecting the right bag as a mom on the go isn't just about fashion – it's a strategic decision. Think beyond looks; consider how a bag will hold up to sippy cup spills, snack crumbs, and the daily juggle of toys and tech with ease.

Style and Design

Moms with toddlers want to carry a bag that makes a statement about who they are and there are so many to choose from: stylish tote bagsversatile backpacks, and chic shoulder bags that come in different colors.

Some have simple designs while others show off bold prints or shiny faux leather. From water bottles to extra diapers, the modern bags make space for everything you can think of, with easy access zipper closures or open pockets for quick grabs.

If you're on the hunt for something that combines fashion with function, you might wonder where to start.

Consider our best minimalist diaper bags of 2024 offer a fantastic starting point, too. These bags are all about making your life easier without compromising on style.

Functionality and Size

You need a bag that works as hard as you do. It should hold everything your toddler needs, from snacks to toys to baby bottles. Look for bags with lots of pockets, both inside and out.

You'll want easy access to your stuff without digging around. A large main compartment is a must-have too.

Size matters when choosing the best mom purse or backpack purse. Too big and it's like carrying a suitcase everywhere; too small, and you're leaving important things behind.

Find that perfect balance with adjustable straps so you can switch from shoulder bag to crossbody strap in no time.

Go for larger bags but not too heavy that they weigh you down on a long day out with your little one.

Comfort and Ergonomics

Moms with toddlers understand the struggle of carrying a bag that pulls on their shoulders. Good comfort and ergonomics can make a day out feel easy. Look for bags with adjustable shoulder straps to suit your body and avoid any pain.

A padded strap adds extra cushy comfort too! When choosing, also think about how you'll carry the bag around all day—backpacks distribute weight evenly, making them kinder to your back.

Bags that hang low or swing can be a hassle when you're chasing after a little one. That's where stroller straps come in handy; they let you hook your bag onto the stroller. And don't forget side pockets! They are perfect for holding water bottles or sippy cups within quick reach.

With these smart features, moms get the support they need while keeping their style on point.

Maintenance and Cleanability

Bags for moms need to be easy to clean. Life with toddlers gets messy, and spills, car vomiting, and diaper explosions can happen at any time. The best bags have materials that can handle getting dirty without a fuss.

For example, some tote bags come with inner linings that you can wipe down quickly.

Some bags have a washing machine-safe changing pad - and if it doesn’t you should consider getting one anyway. Imagine not having to scrub by hand after every little mess!

Other smart features include insulated pockets where you can put snacks without fear of leaky messes spreading around and built-in wipes dispensers for quick cleanup wherever you are.

This way, busy moms can keep their stylish bags looking fresh day after day—no extra stress needed!

Sustainability and Eco-friendliness

Moms with toddlers know every choice counts, especially when it comes to our planet. Picking a bag that does less harm to Earth is not only smart but important.

Remember, with everything you wear from clothing to bags and accessories, you’re making a statement about who you are and what you support.

Bags made with quality sources whether that’s plant-derived tech or recycled materials, means you care about the world you’re leaving behind for your kids.

Some bags now use cool fabrics made from apple leather or canvas made from plants instead of animal skins or oil-based material.

While not perfect, many responsible brands are making an effort to use materials that do less harm and more good to the planet and animals. For those looking to extend their eco-friendly choices to their wardrobe, the sustainable capsule wardrobe brands offer great options for reducing your environmental impact.

So why not support these unsung heroes?

Pixie Mood Blossom Backpack Small: Best Bags for Working Moms

Pixie Mood Blossom Backpack stylish bag for moms

Credits: Pixie Mood

Features & Description

The Pixie Mood Blossom Backpack Small is a hit for working moms. Not only does it look good, it converts into a shoulder bag that can fit a 13’’ MacBook, perfect for students and travelers too!

You'll love how it opens wide, so finding stuff inside is a breeze. Plus, it looks great with any outfit with the classic black fabric with gold hardware.

This bag also makes life easier because it’s not too big or heavy. Moms on the go will appreciate the comfortable straps that don't dig into your shoulders.

Pros & Cons


  • Ton of storage and organization. Outside pockets for easy grab-and-go items and space inside to keep things organized.
  • Stylish working mom's look, making it perfect for those who need to switch between playdates and office meetings.
  • Versatility makes it a popular pick among new moms
  • Convertible to shoulder bag (detachable straps)


  • Difficulty in quickly finding items that fall to the bottom
  • Smaller size may not accommodate all bulky items


The Pixie Mood Blossom Backpack Small is not just about style; it's a friend to the Earth too. Made with recycled vegan leather, this bag is chic and practical

Pixie Mood generally uses quality, eco-friendly materials so you get to carry a bag that matches your values. Some of their materials include recycled bottle lining, cork, recycled canvas, recycled vegan wool, and the list goes on. They’re also Global Recycled Standard (GRS) Certified.

Choose this backpack and make a positive impact while staying on trend!

Samara Apple Leather Tote: Best Tote Bag

Samara Apple Leather Tote stylish bag for moms

Credits: Samara Bags

Features & Description

The Samara Apple Leather Tote is a top pick for moms with toddlers. It's made of high-quality leather made from apple skin that shines with sophistication.

Inside, there's plenty of room—with large compartments and interior pockets—to stash diapers, snacks, and even a favorite toy or two.

This tote has top handles that make it easy to grab and go. The hands-free option is another plus; just swing it over your shoulder when you need both hands-free. It looks good as new even after a quick wipe down—making messy days less stressful.

With its mix of style, space, and ease of use, the Samara Apple Leather Tote checks all the boxes for fashionable yet functional baby bags at an affordable price.

We also love it as a great bag for the working mom.

Pros & Cons


  • Spacious interior accommodates all essentials
  • Cute neutral color options
  • Easy access to items makes for quick grabs
  • Ideal for working moms with a sophisticated edge
  • Eco-conscious material appeals to modern sensibilities


  • The hands-free option isn’t completely hands-free as it can slip off your shoulder
  • Not many pockets for storage and no zipper or magnet closure
  • Carrying style might not suit every mom
  • May not be the best fit for very active toddlers
  • Large spacious compartment but not ideal for organization of many smaller items

Samara's approach to sustainability also shines through, giving this tote extra appeal for the environmentally aware mom. It's a fashion-forward choice, but consider your daily routine to ensure it aligns with your needs.


The Samara Apple Leather Tote is a best-selling bag made from vegan apple leather which has its own cool supple feel and beauty that makes it distinct from other types of leather.

Moms love this tote because it mixes eco-friendly with elegance. The material comes from waste by-products of the juicing industry of European orchards — how cool is that?

Samara bags prioritize the planet with their sustainable materials that also include organic cotton made without pesticides and recycled ocean plastics collected from paid fishermen.

Dagne Dover Indi Diaper Backpack: Best Diaper Bag

Dagne Dover Diaper Backpack stylish bag for moms

Credits: Dagne Dover

Features & Description

The Dagne Dover Indi Diaper Backpack is a top pick for moms on the move with their toddlers. This backpack comes with a ton of room and compartments for everything and beyond. You'll find big side pockets for bottles or sippy cups, plus tiny features like stroller clips and pacifier leashes.

Don’t have a changing mat? No problem, the bag comes with its own pad that can be washed for diaper changes.

You can wear your backpack while keeping your hands free to hold onto your little one while you're out and about. It hooks easily onto strollers too! Made with a large capacity to fit all you need, it's a smart choice whether you’re heading to the playground or packing for an overnight trip.

Moms love it because it looks good and makes life simpler.

Pros & Cons


  • Spacious main compartment for essentials
  • Built-in laptop sleeve for tech-savvy moms
  • Hands-free carrying for multitasking
  • Neoprene material ensures durability
  • Multiple internal pockets for organization


  • Lack of quick-access pockets
  • Higher price point can be a hurdle
  • May be bulky for some physiques
  • Heavy-duty design is not for everyone
  • Style may not appeal to all


The Dagne Dover Indi Diaper Backpack is 100% vegan and is made with 15 to 23 recycled bottles depending on the size (S, M, L).

Although not certified, their sustainability efforts include AZO testing to ensure no toxic chemicals are in the products, repurposing excess scrap materials, and using recycled material Repreve® in their lining and dust bags.

Jujube Classic Backpack: Best Stylish Bag

Jujube Classic Backpack stylish bag for moms

Credits: Jujube

Features & Description

The Jujube Classic Backpack is a classic bag for moms on the go. It has plenty of pockets, including exterior pockets for quick grabs like hand sanitizer and lip balm. Inside, it offers additional space with slip pockets perfect for diapers and toys.

Keep credit cards and keys safe with the large zipper pocket.

You’ll love that this bag’s versatile – use it for a trip to the park or even quick errands around town.

And let’s not forget how stylish this backpack looks; no one would guess it’s packed with baby things!

Pros & Cons


  • Spacious interior for essentials like clothes and keys
  • Hands-free convenience with trolley sleeve and stroller straps
  • Machine-washable with stain-resistant fabric and mold-resistant lining
  • Versatile beyond a diaper bag
  • Attractive design meets modern aesthetics


  • Quick access may be challenging on the go
  • Might be too large for petite users or lighter needs
  • Style may not suit everyone's fashion taste
  • Premium price might not fit all budgets
  • Could feel heavier than expected when full

Organizational features draw in a mom's eye, while versatile use allows for this backpack to transition through different stages of motherhood.

However, keep in mind that despite its spaciousness, it’s still a backpack with most of its pockets inside. Quick access to items might be a limitation when you're in a hurry. But we gotta admit - it’s a good-looking bag!


If we’re being honest, Jujube lacks transparency in what makes it a sustainable brand. While they’ve clearly thought out this great product for stylish moms with toddlers, they don’t communicate the exact steps they’ve taken to be a responsible brand — whether that’s using natural materials, paying fair wages, or reducing chemicals and waste in their manufacturing process.

But they’re on our list for being a mom-favorite bag brand because they sell pre-loved bags, which we love!

Stella McCartney Logo Bananatex® Canvas Crossbody Bag: Best Luxury Bag

Stella McCartney stylish bag for moms

Credits: Stella McCartney

Features & Description

For the mama who loves a dash of opulence, the Stella McCartney Logo Bananatex® Canvas Crossbody Bag is a statement piece.

The Stella McCartney Logo Bananatex® Canvas Crossbody Bag is crafted from Bananatex®, an innovative material that’s waterproof plastic-free, and made from banana plants.

This bag is all about easy access and staying organized while on the move (although we’d get some organizers for this one). There's plenty of room for essentials like toys, snacks, and diapers — and let’s not forget about your makeup, keys, wallet, and anything else you can’t leave the house without.

It’s got one large compartment — plenty of space for water bottles or that half-eaten snack your little one handed you five minutes ago.

And because it has an adjustable crossbody strap, your hands are free to hold onto your kiddo or push the stroller without fumbling with straps or closures.

The sleek look fits right in whether at the playground or dinner out, making this one of those much-loved versatile bags that goes beyond being just 'mom gear.'

Pros & Cons


  • The quality that comes with being a luxury brand
  • A classic bag made of banana plants? It's a statement piece.
  • Water-resistant material with stainless steel and recycled brass hardware
  • Hand’s free option with adjustable crossbody strap


  • The biggest con: luxury means a higher price
  • Limited space inside may not fit all snacks, toys, and extra clothes
  • Great for style and some items, but not ideal for packing a full day's needs


The Stella McCartney Logo Bananatex® Canvas Crossbody Bag is a hit with eco-friendly moms.

Not only is the bag crafted from Bananatex®, but it’s cultivated without chemical treatments in a natural ecosystem that supports reforestation and local farmers.

Carrying this bag sends a strong message: luxury and love for nature can go hand in hand. The design shines, showing off that blend of high style and deep green thinking.

You get to tote around toddler must-haves in something that stands out and stands up for the environment.

Essential Accessories for Mom Bags

Beyond picking the perfect bag, there's a world of smart add-ons that elevate your mom game to pro-level.

Wet Bags

Wet bags are a game changer for moms with toddlers. These handy pouches keep wet or dirty items sealed away, so the rest of the stuff stays clean and dry. No more mess from a soggy swimsuit or leaky snack cup!

They come in different sizes too. You can pick one just right for your needs, whether you're storing a damp bib or some muddy play clothes.

Keep one in your diaper bag, and you'll be ready whenever spills happen — which is often with little ones around!

And since they zip up tight, smells stay inside until you get home to toss them in the washing machine. Parents love them because they make outings way less stressful.

Stroller Hook

Stroller hooks are a must-have for moms who’re always going out. They easily clip onto strollers and can hold bags, purses, or shopping bags with ease. With hooks that can carry up to 5 kilos, you don't have to worry about heavy loads.

These handy accessories come in various styles like foam-covered carabiner-style hooks which are tough and comfortable to use.

They're not just strong; they also make sure your items stay put. Thanks to non-slip grips and adjustable straps, everything stays secure while you handle your toddler's needs.

Portable Changing Mat

portable changing mat is a mom's secret weapon for quick and clean diaper swaps. Imagine you're out with your little one (hopefully you managed to find a family restroom), and it's time for a change. You'll want a spot that's clean and comfy for your baby.

A portable changing mat can be folded up to fit into your bag and then spread out with special side flaps or 'wings' to keep things cozy.

Look for bags with special slots just for these mats. They help you stay organized so the mat isn't lost among snacks and toys.

Organiser Insert

Moms with toddlers often carry bags (especially totes!) that turn into a jumble of toys, snacks, and baby gear. An organizer insert is like a magic wand for those messy bags. ****

They slot right into any tote or backpack you own—no need for a new bag! Plus, these organizers keep the inside of your bag safe from spills and can stop small items from getting lost in the bottom.

For busy moms on the go, especially those of you chasing after toddlers, this simple addition could very well be the best part of your day. It's sad, but true, how such a small change can make a huge difference in managing the daily chaos.

And speaking of making life easier, have you thought about when your toddler starts taking their first steps? Proper footwear is key, and the best shoes for new walkers provide the necessary support and safety for those tiny feet venturing out into the big world.

Embracing these little life hacks, like a handy organizer insert or choosing the right shoes for your toddler, can bring a touch of tranquility to our bustling days.

Here's to those small victories that let us savor our coffee just a bit longer, maybe even while it's still warm.

Insulated Bottle Coolers

Having insulated bottle coolers is a game-changer for moms out and about with their toddlers. These cool little helpers are made to keep drinks cold, so your toddler's juice or milk stays fresh.

While this doesn’t seem like a big deal right now, trust me, when you have a tantrum-throwing 2-year-old who might flip because of a warm juice box, you’ll be glad you got this.

They're light and fit right into your diaper bag without taking up too much space. Plus, you can clip them onto the stroller while you walk in the park.

It makes trips with your little one easier when their favorite drink is ready at just the right temperature – not too warm, not too cold!

Stylish Bags for Moms with Toddlers

So, there you have it – several great bags for moms to choose from! Whether you like totes or backpacks, something fancier or simple and strong, there's a perfect (eco-friendly) bag out there for you.

Remember that you’ll probably need less than you think you do, and what matters the most in these adventures with your little one is where you’re going.

Got any genius mom hacks or eco-friendly tips you're dying to share? Let us know I n our socials! Let's keep each other in the loop and support our mom squad.


1. What's the best backpack for toddler moms?

The best backpacks for moms with toddlers in 2024 are ones with a large capacity, many pockets for organization—like main pockets and bottle pockets—and stylish color options to suit different needs.

2. Are there any great crossbody bags out there for moms on the go?

Certainly! The best crossbody bags have a front pocket for easy access, and small pockets inside, and come in large sizes making them a perfect purse option when you're out with your little one.

3. If I want something more fashionable than a regular diaper bag, what should I look at?

Look at the list of the best designer bags tailored for toddler moms—they combine functionality with fashion. A bucket bag or belt bag could be just what you need; they're good choices that keep hands free and essentials close.

4. What about small bags? Is there an option if I don't want something big all the time?

For shorter trips or when you need less (especially after potty training), opt for smaller purses—they come as compact yet feature-packed options like those better-known larger sizes... it’s great to embrace a minimalist mindset.


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