Stasher Bags Honest Review: Are They Worth It?

By Susan Lee

Stasher Starter Kit 7-Pack

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Feeling that nagging sense of guilt every time you reach for a single-use plastic bag for your snacks and meals? Trust me, I know the feeling all too well. It’s like being stuck in a loop, constantly on the lookout for a sustainable alternative that doesn’t skimp on convenience.

That's why discovering Stasher bags felt like a breath of fresh air—these reusable storage solutions crafted from food-grade silicone seemed like the answer for my greener kitchen needs.

In this article, I'll dive into an honest review of whether these eco-friendly options truly deliver on their promises. Curious to see if they live up to the hype?

Key Takeaways

  • Stasher bags are reusable, made of high-quality silicone, and replace single-use plastic bags. They can handle hot and cold temperatures, making them great for cooking and storing food safely.
  • These bags come in various sizes and types, like snack-sized or half-gallon ones. They're useful not just for food but also for organizing items when traveling or at home.
  • Using Stasher bags helps reduce plastic waste. Over 5 billion single-use plastic bags have been saved because consumers like you chose Stasher.
  • While they may cost more upfront than disposable bags, their durability means they save money over time. However, cleaning them might need extra effort.
  • Compared to other options like Ziploc Endurables and Prokeeper, Stasher stands out for its environmental benefits, versatility, and long-lasting quality despite being pricier initially.

What are Stasher Bags?

Stasher Bags are reusable silicone bags designed for food storage. Made from platinum-grade silicone, the highest quality there is, they’re free of BPA, BPS, and harmful chemicals. This means you can safely store your food without worrying about unwanted toxins leaching into your meals.

As an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic bags, Stasher bags have exploded in popularity for the modern household and come in a variety of sizes and colors.

What Can Stasher Bags Do?

Mandarins inside a Stasher bag

You can use Stashers for all of your food planning, cooking, baking, and storing needs. Their incredible durability allows them to withstand freezing temperatures, microwave heat, dishwasher (top rack recommended), oven up to 400°F, or even boiling water.

I found out these reusable wonders are designed for more than just food storage. They're also great for sous vide cooking, keeping leftovers fresh in the fridge or freezer, warming up snacks in the microwave—and that's just scratching the surface.

You can choose from a variety of sizes depending on what you need—snack size for those little nibbles or half-gallon for bigger meal preps. The versatility doesn't stop at food; I've used them to pack my toiletries leak-free for trips and organize small items around the house.

Different types of Stasher Bags

Stasher bags are not just any reusable food storage bags. They're a game-changer for those of us trying to reduce our use of disposable plastic bags. With so many sizes and designs, you’re sure to find one that fits your needs perfectly.

Here's a closer look at the different types of Stasher bags available:

  1. The Pocket Bag - This small bag is perfect for keeping snacks or a fresh slice of lemon on hand. Its compact size makes it easy to slip into a purse or backpack.
  2. Snack Bag - Slightly larger than the pocket bag, this option works well for dry foods like nuts or crackers. It's great for mid-day treats.
  3. Sandwich Bag - Ideal for sandwiches or larger snacks, this bag has enough room to hold your lunchtime essentials without squishing them.
  4. Half Gallon Bag - When you need to store bigger items like chicken breasts or a bunch of farmer’s market goodies, the half-gallon Stasher comes in handy.
  5. Stand-Up Bags - These are designed to stand on their own, making them perfect for storing things in the fridge or freezer where space is tight. They're great for soups, smoothie packs, or bulk bin items. The Stand-Up Mega Bag offers even more room, ideal for big batches of soup or storing a whole chicken.
  6. Quart Bag - If you’re looking for more space and flexibility than a sandwich bag, this is it. The Quart bag has more room than a sandwich bag and a wider opening for easy packing.
  7. Go Bag - Great for trips, you can use the Go Bag for small or big trips on-the-go. Just add your snacks, lip balm, or hand sanitizer and clip it onto your purse or backpack.
  8. Stasher Bowls - Newer to the lineup, these bowls offer an innovative solution for meals that go from prep to table to fridge with ease.

Each bag boasts the same durable pure platinum-grade silicone construction and patented pinch-loc seal that makes them leak free and keeps food fresh.

Choosing between these depends largely on what you're looking to use them for: My friend uses the sandwich bag to pack lunch in his golf bag. I've planned freezer meals with half-gallon size and stored baby food with the pocket before throwing it into my mom bag.

By choosing Stasher bags, you’re picking a durable, leak-free option that’s good for both your kitchen and the earth.

Every step toward using fewer single-use plastics makes a difference, and having these different options makes it easier than ever.

For more tips on how to use your Stasher bags, here’s a video highlighting 15 different ways you can use them:

Benefits of Using Stasher Bags

Reduce Plastic Pollution

Without a doubt, the biggest benefit is for the planet.

Switching to Stasher bags helps cut down on plastic pollution. Every time you use one, you're saying no to a single-use plastic bag. This choice keeps our oceans and landfills less cluttered with waste.

You’re also sending a message to the big corporations with your hard-earned dollars, that they better re-think their old ways of creating consumer goods. We care about the environment and they should, too.

Together, Stasher bags and its supporters have saved over 5 billion plastic bags from entering our waterways and oceans. That's a big win for the planet.

Re-usable and Versatile

These reusable silicone bags are super versatile too. You can store leftovers in the fridge, heat up food in them, and even use them as toddler snack bags on the go. They come in many sizes – from small ones for your favorite veggies to big ones for storing chicken stock or pasta sauce.

Use them for packing toiletries during travel to grabbing snacks for your diaper bags, or even marinating meat. You can use them for almost anything you’d need a plastic bag for, except they’re more durable.


Stasher bags are built to last, thanks to their strong seal and high-quality silicone. They can withstand a range of uses without wearing out, making them a durable eco-friendly choice for long-term use.

Plus, being BPA and BPS-free means they're safe for storing food and other items - bonus!

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning them is a breeze— just hand wash with warm soapy water or pop them into the dishwasher. The process is super easy and doesn't require any special cleaning products.

However, some users have reported issues with cleanliness at the corners, despite overall ease of cleaning. To get rid of any stubborn stains or odors, soak the bags in 50/50 warm water and vinegar for a few hours before washing again with soap.

After washing, most Stasher Bags are clean and bacteria-free, making them a convenient reusable option for food storage.

My Honest Review After Using Stasher Bags

Stasher bags on dining table

Let’s get into why I switched from Ziploc to Stasher bags in the first place. It’s not a secret that over 90% of plastic does not get recycled. It turns out that even if you recycle at home, everything you put into those blue recycling bins end up in landfills because they don’t meet strict recycling standards.

So, knowing the state of our planet and where it’s headed, what else can we do in the kitchen?

Ditch single-use plastic and find something more sustainable.

The Stasher bags are not the answer for all of our environmental issues, but it’s one step in the right direction. They save money, reduce use of plastic bags, and healthier for our family (no concerns about plastic leaching).

Starter Kit 7-Pack

It’s been months since I’ve been using the popular Starter Kit 7-Pack almost on a daily basis and they still look as new as the day I got them.


What I Love About Stasher Bags

As a mom of two, a baby and toddler, these bags have been a game-changer for me. A guilt-free, eco-friendly way of storing not just food, but anything else I need? And in pretty colors? Yes, please.

What I love most is how each type serves its unique purpose but also offers versatility beyond basic storage—like cooking asparagus sous vide in the half-gallon bag or popping popcorn in a sandwich bag right before movie night starts.

Fun Fact

Get your Stasher bag ready for a movie night in! Here’s a pro tip video on how to use your Stasher bag to make popcorn (hint: you need a microwave).

What I Dislike About Stasher Bags

Even though I generally like Stasher bags, I admit they still have flaws. The material is silicone so it can stretch if you’re not careful and overstuff it, especially if you’re storing frozen foods. Don’t use them for sharp objects that can penetrate through.

It can be a pain to dry if you’re in a rush or need them straight from the dishwasher (they’ll be wet).

Some stains are tough to get out with silicone, but I have not tried Stasher’s recommendation to set the bags in sunlight for a few hours to naturally sun bleach the stains.

I think it would be hard to get sunlight to reach the inside since Stasher specifically says not to turn the bags inside out to keep the strength of the bonded edges. But let us know if this worked for you!

Pros and Cons of Stasher Bags

Here’s a comprehensive Pros and Cons list from both my experience, and the collective reviews of others who have bought and used the Stashers:


  • Durable, capable of withstanding direct sunlight and hot water.
  • Safe, made from food-grade platinum silicone
  • Sustainable alternative to single-use plastic.
  • Versatile, used from food storage and popping popcorn to travel and toiletries


  • The initial cost can be high compared to disposable bags.
  • Cleaning and drying can be time - consuming, especially for individuals on the go.
  • Getting rid of extra stubborn odors and stains take a little bit more time and effort

Comparisons with Cheaper Alternatives

Exploring cheaper alternatives to Stasher bags is crucial for anyone keeping an eye on budget without compromising quality. Stasher bags have made a name for themselves in the eco-friendly products market, but they're not the only players.

Ziploc Endurables and Prokeeper are two such examples that have drawn comparisons. Let's delve into how these products stack up against each other, focusing on factors like cost-effectiveness, durability, and environmental impact.

FeatureStasher BagsZiploc EndurablesProkeeper
CostHigher initial cost but saves money long-termLower initial cost, some long-term savingsComparable to Ziploc, varies by product size
DurabilityHighly durable, reusable, and long-lastingMultiple uses, slightly less durable than StasherGood durability, focus on specific storage needs.
Ease of CleaningDishwasher safe, easy to cleanDishwasher safe, but some users report warpingMost products are dishwasher safe; some require hand washing
VersatilityExtremely versatile, suitable for a variety of usesMore limited in sizes and shapes compared to StasherLess versatile as hard containers
Environmental ImpactSignificant reduction in plastic wasteLessens plastic use but not as sustainable as StasherReusable but less focus on sustainability

Looking at these comparisons, it's clear that while Stasher bags may come with a higher upfront cost, their long-term benefits in durability, versatility, and environmental impact are unmatched.

Ziploc Endurables and Prokeeper offer more budget-friendly options, but with some trade-offs in terms of sustainability and versatility.

It's about balancing cost with your personal values and lifestyle needs. And remember, going for the cheaper option doesn't always mean you're saving in the long run, especially when considering the added value of sustainability in your purchasing decisions.

Are Stasher Bags Worth It?

Absolutely! Stasher bags offer a durable and eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic bags. Their versatility, safety, and ability to go from freezer to boiling water make them practical for various storage needs.

With concerns about PFAS and related searches on safety, Stasher bags meet high standards as certified B-corp products. The range of colors and sizes makes them suitable for diverse uses, from food storage to organizing everyday items.

They provide an effective solution for reducing single-use plastic waste while offering convenience and peace of mind.

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