Dress To Impress: What To Wear To A Wedding In Italy

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An Italian couple posing for their wedding. A guide to what to wear to a wedding in Italy.

Attending a wedding in Italy can be an enchanting experience, but knowing what to wear can be somewhat daunting. Italian weddings exude charm and sophistication, with attire typically being elegant yet comfortable.

Whether you're concerned about respecting customs or just wowing your fellow guests, this guide will provide essential tips on selecting the perfect outfit for a stunning Italian ceremony.

Get ready to impress as we unravel the secret of dressing up for an Italian wedding!

Key Takeaways

  • Stay away from black and white at Italian weddings. These colors link to sadness or are reserved for the bride only.
  • Wear light, comfy clothes (layers are great) that you can move in. This helps you keep cool and enjoy the day.
  • Don't forget about style when choosing shoes. They need to be comfy so your feet feel good all day.
  • Show who you are through what you wear. Pick an outfit that fits both your own style and respects Italian traditions.

Italian Wedding Dress Code

Dressing for Different Types of Weddings in Italy

Italy's wedding dress code embraces elegance and respect for tradition. Avoid black or white clothing, as they're typically associated with funerals and the bride, respectively.

Instead, opt for lightweight but elegant outfits that are appropriate for the venue and weather.

Footwear should be both stylish and comfortable to handle potentially uneven Italian streets or cobblestones.

Although it's important to adhere to these guidelines, don't forget your personal style- Italians appreciate individualism in fashion.

Dressing smartly showcases not only respect towards the event but also a reflection of you!

Avoid black and white

Black and white are not the best picks for an Italian wedding. They carry special meanings in this setting.

Black is often linked to sad events, like funerals. White is a color only for the bride at her wedding.

So shun these colors on your trip to an Italian wedding ceremony!

Choose lightweight elegant clothing

Lightweight clothes are the best choice for Italian weddings. This is true, especially in summer when the weather in Italy gets pretty hot. Opt to pick out a dress or suit made from breathable fabric like linen, a great sustainable choice.

Elegant yet light clothing also fits right into the Italian style! Look for something in light colors if it's an afternoon wedding. If it's an evening wedding, go for darker color outfits.

But always keep in mind, comfort comes first at any special event! Choose clothing made from sustainable fabrics like Lyocell, bamboo, recycled plastics. Impress the other guests with your eco-friendly fashion statement.


Adding extras to your outfit can lift it up. Choose a cool necktie or bow tie with fun colors for men. Women may pick bright scarves, stylish bags, or dainty sustainable jewelry. Hats are also a hit at Italian weddings! But be careful not to outshine the bride and groom.

Your accessories should fit well with your clothes and the wedding theme. It's all about balance in dressing up. Stick to pieces that make you feel comfy and classy without trying too hard.

Wear appropriate footwear

Shoes can make or break your fun at a wedding in Italy. The day might have you standing or dancing for hours! Comfy shoes will keep your feet happy. Men should go for neat dress shoes.

For women, avoid high heels that sink into grass if the event is outdoors. Flat sandals or wedges are smart picks too! Always put comfort first but don't forget style.

Embrace your own style and relax

You should never feel out of place at an Italian wedding. It's okay to show who you are through what you wear. So, use your sense of style to pick the best outfit for you, whether that's a classic suit or an elegant and bold dress.

The key is not just looking good - but also feeling good in your clothes, which is a more sustainable way to live. A relaxed person can enjoy the special event more than someone who feels uneasy all day long because their tie is too tight or their heels pinch their feet.

No matter which type of clothes you decide on, make sure they fit well and let you move freely so that fun and happy times roll at the Italian wedding! Don't forget comfy shoes for dancing till sunrise!

Minimalist Dress Shoes for Italian Weddings

Guide to Selecting Minimalist Dress Shoes for Italian Weddings

Choosing the right shoes to wear at an Italian wedding is key. Here are some tips:

  1. Go for comfort: You will be standing and dancing a lot. Choose shoes you can spend the whole day in.
  2. Opt for classic styles: Dress shoes or boat shoes work well for formal occasions like weddings.
  3. Avoid black shoes: Like a black suit, they connect with mourning in Italian traditions.
  4. Consider the dress code: Some places might need you to wear dark dress shoes with your suit or tuxedo.
  5. Ensure quality: Good dress shoes can last long and give your outfit a polished look.
  6. Match your outfit: Your shoes should go well with your jacket, trousers, and shirt.

Dressing Tips for Different Seasons

When attending a summer wedding in Italy, opt to wear light colors and breathable fabric such as linen or cotton. For fall weddings, consider warmer tones like earthy browns and reds blended with materials such as cotton and hemp, lyocell, bamboo, or plant-derived silk and cashmere (yes, that's a thing!)

During winter weddings, keep cozy yet stylish by pairing a dark suit or dress with warm accessories like wraps or scarves.

Summer wedding attire

Dress light for a summer wedding in Italy. Pick clothes and underwear made from breathable fabric. You will stay cool this way. Men can go with linen suits. They are both stylish and simple. Women might pick maxi dresses in light colors.

Go for solid or floral prints to fit the season's vibe. As for shoes, choose comfort over style because there will be a lot of dancing! Boat shoes work great for men, while women can select low heels or flats.

Avoid wearing black and white clothes as these colors hold special meanings in Italian traditions.

Fall wedding attire

Fall weddings in Italy are stunning. The air is crisp and leaves turn into warm colors. Dressing for this time can be fun. Men can pick a dark suit with a bow tie. For women, long dresses in gold or red hues are great choices.

Silk or chiffon fabrics work well because they give warmth but still look elegant. Pair your dress with a nice wrap to stay cozy when the sun goes down. Keep footwear smart yet comfortable for dancing at the party after the wedding ceremony.

Always remember to match your style with the formality of the wedding venue, ensuring you respect Italian wedding traditions.

Winter wedding attire

Cold months need warm clothing. Winter weddings in Italy can be chilly, especially if it's outside. Wear layers!

A nice lace cocktail dress under a light plant-based cashmere sweater under a long eco-friendly wool coat...you get the idea.

What Men Should Wear

Navigating through men's wedding fashion in Italy can seem daunting. But we got you! Try a lightweight suit or sports jacket paired with a button-down shirt and tie, as your safest bet. For a relaxed spin on tradition, consider switching the suit for airy linen attire.

Men, ready to uncover more tips that will elevate your Italian wedding style?

Suits or sports jackets with button-down shirts and ties

For a wedding in Italy, men should wear suits or sports jackets. Pair them with button-down shirts and ties. You could go for a classic suit look if it's a formal occasion. On the other hand, pick out a nice sports jacket if the event is more relaxed.

Make sure your tie matches your outfit too! Try to stay away from black suits though because in Italy they are for times of sadness, not joy. A shirt in bright colors can help you stand out just right at an Italian wedding. If you’re wondering what to wear with black outfits like sneakers, our article can provide some insights.

Linen suits for a more casual look

Linen suits give a relaxed feel. They are perfect for weddings in Italy, especially in the summer. These suits are light and let your skin breathe well. It makes them great to wear when the weather is hot.

Always match it with a nice shirt and tie for an iconic Italian look!

What Women Can Wear to an Italian Wedding

Dive into the beautiful world of Italian wedding fashion, keeping in mind that women are often seen wearing elegant dresses or skirts paired with sophisticated blouses. Avoid excessively flashy outfits and always respect the bride and groom's dress code.

There's so much more to learn about attire for an Italian wedding – keep reading!

Dresses or skirts with blouses

Ladies, are you going to an Italian wedding? Try a dress or skirt with a blouse. Make sure it is not too short or too flashy. You want to look gorgeous, but not so hot that you take all the attention from the bride!

classic midi length dress in a soft color is perfect for this kind of event. If it's cold, wear tights under your skirt and take a wrap or light jacket to stay warm!

Avoid anything too flashy or attention-grabbing

You want to look good at an Italian wedding. But don't pick clothes that are too bright or showy. People should notice you for who you are, not what you wear. Women should go for conservative outfits like a dress or skirt and blouse.

Consider the dress code of the bride and groom

The bride and groom set the dress code for their wedding. They may want a formal or casual look. It is a good idea to ask about this before you choose your outfit. You should also think about Italian traditions when you dress for an Italian wedding.

For men, it's key not to wear black as it can hint at sadness. Women must stay away from white, that color is just for the bride! Everyone should pick comfy shoes since there will be lots of standing and dancing at the event.

Most importantly, choose sustainable, breathable materials that are just healthier for your skin while your dancing the night away. Prioritize comfort over aesthetics -- because a sustainable lifestyle means you come first.



1. What should I wear to a formal wedding in Italy?

Go for formal attire, like a stylish suit or elegant cocktail dress. Always keep the time of day, year and the Italian wedding dress code rules in mind.

2. Can I wear black tie at an Amalfi Coast Italian destination wedding?

Yes, you can! A black tie is usually worn at formal weddings which are common events on the Amalfi coast. Men often pair it with a white dress shirt or blue shirt while women don a floor-length evening gown.

3. Do the general rules vary for dressing at catholic church weddings?

At Catholic Church weddings, avoid showing much cleavage and spaghetti straps might not be right. Respectful attire is key!

4. What outfit ideas work for female guests attending Sicilian weddings?

Female guests can opt for lighter colors during the day and dark colors if it’s an evening event. Avoid wearing too much white as not to match with the bride.

5. Will a smart dress jacket work for male attendees at Italian-style weddings?

Yes! A man wearing a good-quality suit jacket meets 'la bella figura' -the cultural concept of making a good impression.

6. What kind of clothes should family members choose?

Family members could select outfits matching the wedding's color scheme, in different shades - and mix and match with accent jewelry! It is also practical to ask the bride or wedding planner for recommendations based on the special occasion.


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