16 Best Vegan Face Cleansers For Glass Skin 2024

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Are you tired of using face cleansers packed with harsh chemicals and mystery ingredients? Here's something to consider: vegan skincare products offer an all-natural, cruelty-free alternative that works just as well, if not better! This article will introduce you to 16 of the best vegan face cleansers for achieving glass skin in 2024.

Keep reading to discover your new favorite product, and upgrade your skincare routine with a minimalist mindset - one at a time.

Key Takeaways

  • Vegan face cleansers can fight early signs of age and lower acne without making your skin dry.
  • Items like kale, tea tree oil, cucumber, green tea and coconut milk can be good for your skin, making it clean, soft and smooth. But always patch test first. Not all ingredients deemed "natural" is safe especially if you have sensitive skin.
  • If you're also looking for organic, natural hairspray to complete your look, head over to our trending article.
  • In 2024, many beauty brands will make only vegan items knowing that customers want skincare products that don’t hurt animals or use animal parts.

Health Benefits of Vegan Face Cleansers

Vegan face cleansers (bought from a high-quality, reputable brand) are a must have in your skincare regimen for the following reasons:

Vegan Face Cleansers

  • Take off makeup, extra oil, old skin cells, and dirt from your face, leaving your skin clean and fresh. A clean face = fewer skin problems.
  • Help fight early signs of age on the skin.
  • Can reduce acne without robbing your skin of its natural oils. Check to see if your shampoo might be causing your acne, and be sure to review your diet and lifestyle. Could celery juice be your answer?
  • May have soy as an ingredient, which can be beneficial for reducing redness, fixing uneven tones, and minimizing sun damage.
  • May offer antioxidants like kale or green tea as main ingredients! These antioxidants feed & hydrate the skin and bring down inflammation which is a cause of many skincare issues.

Vegan cleansers can be an all-round win for anyone who wants beautiful and healthy glass-like skin. But know it doesn't substitute a healthy lifestyle, sleep, and diet.

Note: Our recommendations are not meant for treating skin issues. Always consult with a dermatologist if you have any questions and want treatment for skin conditions.

If you're unsure about any of these products, please be safe and patch test for allergies and/or sensitivities!

Best Vegan Face Cleansers for Glass Skin 2024

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This section will dive deep into the top 16 vegan face cleansers lined up for 2024, ideal for achieving that coveted glass skin look. Products ranging from enticing options like 100% Pure Pore Detox Herbal Cleanser to promising newcomers such as Alder New York Everyday Cleanser will be reviewed.

Whether you've dry or sensitive skin or deal with excess oil and acne breakouts, these vegan solutions cater to various skincare needs while offering eco-friendly choices without compromising on results.

1. 100% Pure Pore Detox Herbal Cleanser

The 100% Pure Pore Detox Herbal Cleanser does an amazing job at making your skin clean and clear. It uses green clay that is rich in minerals to pull out dirt from your pores. You will love how it makes your face feeling soft and rejuvenated. Their secret ingredient?

Herbs with power to kill bacteria. They help get rid of toxins and exfoliate your skin to get the "glass skin" effect. Use this product daily for best results.

2. Eminence Coconut Milk Cleanser

The Eminence Coconut Milk Cleanser was made for dry or irritated skin. Rich coconut milk in the cleanser will make your skin feel soft and supple. It also contains calendula oil, which has antioxidants to help soothe sun-damaged or irritated skin.

The vegan ingredients also removes dirt and extra oils from the skin effectively. Try this gentle cleanser today for an improved skincare routine.

3. The INKEY List Salicylic Acid Cleanser

The INKEY List Salicylic Acid Cleanser is a top pick for 2024. This vegan face wash beats blemishes and blackheads for combo oily skin, and unclog pores to help clear acne.

Its gel-based formula makes skin feel fresh and clean without any harsh effects. So, if you're dreaming of glass skin, this cleanser might just be your new best friend.

4. Activist Skincare Sea to Skin Cleansing Gel

Activist Skincare Sea to Skin Cleansing Gel
Photo Cred: Activist Skincare

The Activist Skincare Sea to Skin Cleansing Gel is a refillable, sustainable makeup remover and cleanser made with nourishing ingredients like grapeseed oil and blue spirulina (a superfood rich with amino acids). This 5-star rated vegan cleanser is gentle, effective, and vegan.

Buy the refill pouch for 10% less while reducing CO2 emissions and plastic waste. Activist Skincare is the Earth's first 100% refillable skincare line, a woman-owned brand, and a member of 1% For the Planet.

5. Youth to the People Superfood Cleanser

If you love a good superfood smoothie, you’ll love Youth to the People Superfood Cleanser. What’s in it? Cold-pressed kale, spinach, and green tea goodness for your skin to drink up along with all the antioxidants that come with it. Kind to your skin, but strong enough to get the job done.

We love this award-winning product both because of its gentle touch and great results.

6. Milk Makeup Vegan Milk Cleanser

Milk Makeup Vegan Milk Cleanser is one of the top face washes on the market. It works well for all skin types. This cleaner takes off dirt and makeup from your face, without drying out your skin.

It uses vegan milks like fig milk, shea butter, oat milk, argan milk and a special "Desert Milk". Desert Milk comes from plants like Kalahari melon, jojoba and aloe vera. Yummy ingredients to keep your skin moist and hydrated.

7. Alder New York Everyday Cleanser

The Alder New York Everyday Cleanser helps you glow. It uses 1% glycolic acid to take away dead skin cells, leaving your face fresh and smooth after each wash.

With sea kelp as their power ingredient, the gel-based formula keeps your skin clean and clear of dirt and excess oil. There are no harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances. Certified vegan.

8. No B.S. Foaming Cleanser

No B.S. Foaming Cleanser is a top pick for glass skin in 2024 and it tells you like it is. This vegan face wash might be your pick for supple and spotless skin with green tea, cucumber, and aloe vera.

It dissolves makeup and pore debris without being harsh to your skin and even protects it from free radicals. And of course, no animal testing was done for this product.

9. Herbivore Botanicals Pink Cloud Rosewater + Tremella Creamy Jelly Cleanser

Herbivore Botanicals Pink Cloud Rosewater + Tremella Creamy Jelly Cleanser is a dream for your skin. This pH-balanced vegan face cleanser uses rose water and Tremella mushrooms to lock in hydration.

The formula is free from harsh sulfates and has plant-based surfactants that remove dirt and excess oil without drying your skin.

10. Pacifica Sea Foam Complete Face Wash

Pacifica Sea Foam Complete Face Wash is a top pick for glass skin cleaning. Using ingredients from the ocean, it removes makeup, toxins, and dirt at the end of your long day. This face wash uses Coconut Water and Sea Algae Extract, and is ideal for oily or mixed skin types.

They leave out some ingredients that some people might not in their face wash like parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, silicones, or sulfates.

11. First Aid Beauty Pure Skin Face Cleanser

First Aid Beauty Pure Skin Face Cleanser is a fragrance-free face cleanser and is a solution for red or dry skin. Use it to remove makeup or simply skin impurities from the daily grind.

This cleanser works on all skin types, even sensitive ones.

12. Juice Beauty Stem Cellular 2-in-1 Cleanser

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular 2-in-1 Cleanser is perfect for you. It's not just vegan and cruelty-free, but also made with the good organic stuff like Vitamin C and Grapeseed oil blend. This gentle formula cleanser works hard to clean your skin deep down.

This product does more than just clean! It protects your skin from the environment and the cult-fav brand is Leaping Bunny certified.

13. Mad Hippie Cream Cleanser

Mad Hippie Cream Cleanser keeps your skin healthy and balanced. Claiming to achieve “pH perfection,” the cleanser includes sodium PCA and hyaluronic acid.

Good for all types of skin, even those that are acne prone.

Bowl of oats to highlight best vegan face cleansers

14. Cocokind Oil to Milk Cleanser

Cocokind Oil to Milk Cleanser is a best-selling item for its unique texture while cleansing. This cleanser uses the power of fermented oat and other organic oils. As you use it, this oil balm turns into a milky wash with water.

You can rinse it off with ease from your face. Your skin feels fresh after each use, and best of all it’s affordable at $18.

15. Acure Brightening Facial Scrub

Acure Brightening Facial Scrub is a top pick for glass skin and uses natural products like lemon peel, sage, and sea kelp. It cleans, exfoliates, and brightens your skin - all in one!

You should use it two or three times a week for the best results.

16. Yes To Cucumbers Daily Gentle Milk Cleanser

Yes To Cucumbers Daily Gentle Milk Cleanser is kind to the skin. Using natural ingredients like Cucumber Extract, Green Tea, Soy Proteins and Glycerin, it cleans off makeup and dirt in a gentle way, perfect for sensitive skin.

Top Vegan Beauty Brands to Look Out for in 2024

pink lotion bottle to highlight best vegan face cleansers

Get ready for a fresh look in 2024! Vegan beauty is making a big splash. Here are some other emerging brands to keep an eye on:

  1. Biossance: This brand uses science to make your skin shine. It will be even bigger in 2024.
  2. Summer Fridays: Clean beauty, popular for their masks. Check out their vegan moisturizers.
  3. Kylie Skin: This line by Kylie Jenner went all-vegan in 2018. It offers a wide range of products for every skin type.
  4. Blendily: Known for their natural skincare products sourced sustainably, Blendily is a name to watch.

Read about the best natural concealers to achieve that glass skin look.

Guide to Vegan Skincare Products 2024

Vegan skincare products are in high demand. These products don't have animal parts or animal-derived ingredients. They also keep away from testing on animals. In 2024, more beauty brands are making vegan items only.

Keep in mind that not all vegan products are sustainable. To find out what makes a brand sustainable, follow our tips and guidelines. Although we wrote about what makes a sustainable fashion brand, this article can apply to beauty as well.

You can choose the best item based on your skin type - dry or oily etc. There are many great picks for all types of skin needs! So find a sustainable brand and select the vegan product that works well for you.

Make sure to read the label when buying any beauty product and check for certifications. So next time you need a new lotion or scrub, choose sustainable vegan. It's better for your skin and helps animals too!

Best Vegan Face Cleansers

a display of beauty products to showcase best vegan cleansers

Everyone wants clear, glowing skin. These 16 top vegan face cleansers can help you get one step closer to the glass skin look in 2024! These brands use only the best stuff on earth and no animals were hurt to make them.

But always consult a dermatologist for any specific skin concerns. Not all ingredients, even in vegan cleansers, are safe and best for everyone, so start small and limit your quantity until your skin reacts favorably.

Also remember that "cruelty-free" is a label that can be used to greenwash, so check for brand sustainability, transparency, and certifications.

Give your skin the love it needs with a vegan cleanser. To discover our favorite gentle face washes to use with retinol, check out Wildr.

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