The Ultimate Zero Waste Beauty Guide: Travel Edition

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Traveling sustainably doesn't have to mean sacrificing your beauty routine. In fact, more and more zero waste beauty products are becoming available to meet consumer demand, making it easier than ever to maintain your eco-friendly lifestyle on the go.

This ultimate guide will introduce you to the best zero waste beauty essentials for your next adventure. Get ready to pack light, reduce your carbon footprint, and still look and feel your best!

Key Takeaways

  • Zero waste beauty products are important for minimizing your environmental impact while traveling. Choosing eco-friendly options like shampoo bars, toothpaste tablets, multi-purpose color sticks, leak-proof travel containers, and DIY face masks can significantly reduce waste.
  • Travel essentials that are zero waste are lightweight, compact, and eliminate the need for single-use plastics. Look for products with natural, organic ingredients and recyclable or compostable packaging.
  • When traveling, keep your routine simple, use what you already have, and choose items that are easy to pack.
  • Opt for versatile, multi-purpose products and solid alternatives to liquids. Get creative by repurposing empty containers or bags and using up products before buying new ones.
  • Every small step towards sustainability counts in making a positive impact on your skin and the planet while traveling.

The Importance of Zero Waste Beauty Products

zero waste beauty products for travel

Zero waste beauty products aren't just a trend—they're a huge step towards a more sustainable future. By choosing eco-friendly options like shampoo bars, safety razors, and refillable containers, you can help reduce your environmental impact without compromising on quality.

These products often feature natural, organic ingredients that are gentle on your skin and free from harmful chemicals, and packaged in recyclable or compostable materials. All in all, we can minimize the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfills and oceans.

Embracing zero waste beauty is a simple yet powerful way to make a difference. Every time you opt for a biodegradable face wipe or a bamboo toothbrush, you're choosing to live in a greener planet.

And the best part? Many of these sustainable alternatives are travel-friendly, so you can maintain your eco-conscious routine even when you're on the go. Whether you're a seasoned sustainability enthusiast or just starting your zero waste journey, every small change counts—and your beauty routine is a great place to begin.

Essential Zero Waste Beauty Products for Travel

At Wildr, we don’t believe you should buy new when you can use what you already have. That said, this list is not exclusive to travel essentials, but they’re great options to swap your less sustainable products at home.

Please consider buying these travel hack products only if you plan to use them beyond your vacation, long after it’s over, too. The goal of this article is to help you think differently and build better habits not only for travel, but as a lifestyle.

Bamboo Toothbrush

A bamboo toothbrush is great for any eco-conscious traveler. Not only are they biodegradable and compostable, but they also come in a variety of styles to suit your needs. Whether you prefer a soft or firm bristle, there's a bamboo toothbrush out there for you.

Plus, they're lightweight and easy to pack, making them the perfect addition to your zero waste travel kit.

Switching to a bamboo toothbrush is a simple way to reduce your plastic waste while on the go. Unlike traditional plastic toothbrushes that can take hundreds of years to decompose, bamboo toothbrushes break down naturally in just a few months.

Eco-Roots Natural Bamboo Toothbrush
Photo Cred: Eco-Roots

Editor’s Top Pick: Eco-Roots Natural Bamboo Toothbrush

The Eco-Roots Natural Bamboo Toothbrush is loved by many for their soft but effective bristles. It’s lightweight, minimalistic, and compostable. You’ll feel a little bit closer to nature every time you use it.

Toothpaste Tablets

What pairs well with a bamboo toothbrush? Compact, zero-waste toothpaste tablets that minimize your carbon footprint while on the go.

Simply pop a tablet in your mouth, chew it up, and brush away – no water or rinsing required! Plus, they come in a variety of natural flavors like mint, charcoal, and even cinnamon.

Not only do toothpaste tablets eliminate the need for plastic packaging, but they're also TSA-friendly and take up minimal space in your luggage. Many brands offer refillable glass or metal containers, making it easy to stock up on these sustainable essentials before your next adventure.

Free The Ocean Peppermint Toothpaste Tablets
Photo Cred: Free the Ocean

Editor’s Top Pick: Free The Ocean Peppermint Toothpaste Tablets

These toothpaste tablets leave your mouth feeling and tasting minty fresh with their cult favorite natural toothpaste that remineralizes enamel AND reduces sensitivity (without the plastic waste).

Skincare Travel Kit

When it comes to maintaining your skincare routine while traveling, a well-curated, zero waste skincare travel kit is super convenient.

These kits feature products in refillable containers or biodegradable packaging, reducing single-use plastic waste during your travels. They're compact, lightweight, and TSA-friendly, making them perfect for any adventure.

By opting for a skincare travel kit with eco-friendly and natural ingredients, you can nourish your skin, simplify your packing process, and commit to a greener lifestyle even while you're on the go.

Activist Skincare Trial & Travel Kit
Photo Cred: Activist Skincare

Editor's Top Pick: Activist Skincare Trial & Travel Kit

The Activist Skincare Trial & Travel Kit is a standout choice for eco-conscious travelers. This kit contains travel-sized versions of all seven Activist best-selling, vegan formulas that last a few weeks so you don’t need to worry about running out. Activist Skincare is the Earth's first 100% refillable skincare line, and their refills reduce CO2 emissions and plastic waste.

They come in a convenient travel bag with a discount on a future order. For a limited time, you can get a free $25 gift card with your Trial & Travel Kit when you order from this link.

Safety Razor

Safety razors are a timeless, eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic razors. These sturdy, stainless steel tools provide a close, smooth shave while generating less waste — simply replace the blades as needed and enjoy a zero-waste shaving experience.

Pair the razor with a high-quality, natural shaving soap bar made with nourishing ingredients like shea butter and essential oils.

Zero Waste Mvmt Safety Razor
Photo Cred: Zero Waste Mvmt

Editor’s Top Pick: Zero Waste Mvmt Safety Razor

With this beautiful safety razor, you get a sustainable shave and a work of art. A timeless piece featuring a brass handle, its unisex design appeals to all genders and hair types.

Natural Deodorant

Unlike traditional deodorants that often contain harmful chemicals and come in plastic packaging, natural deodorants are made with gentle, plant-based ingredients and are usually packaged in recyclable or compostable materials.

They’re healthier for you, too. They fight odor without disrupting your body's natural processes and hormones, without leaving behind waste.

When choosing a natural deodorant for travel, look for options that come in solid or cream form, as they're easier to pack and won't leak in your luggage.

Salt & Stone Natural Deodorant
Photo Cred: Salt & Stone

Editor’s Top Pick: Salt & Stone Natural Deodorant

This award-winning natural deodorant uses probiotics to neutralize odor with seaweed extracts for moisture. Aluminum free, and both men and women love the scent options!

Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

Shampoo and conditioner bars offer a convenient, eco-friendly alternative to traditional liquid products. These solid bars eliminate the need for plastic bottles, reducing waste while you're on the go.

Most bars are formulated with natural ingredients like coconut oil, fruit extracts, and essential oils, gently cleansing and nourishing your hair without harsh chemicals.

One bar typically lasts as long as two to three bottles of liquid shampoo or conditioner, making them a cost-effective choice.

The Earthling Co Shampoo and Conditioner Bar
Photo Cred: The Earthling Co

Editor’s Top Pick: The Earthling Co Shampoo and Conditioner Bar

This shampoo and conditioner combo bar is loved by thousands of fans, with 95% of users seeing an improvement in hair health in 4 weeks. They use jojoba oil and vitamin B5 in their shampoos, while their conditioner bar detangles without the grease.

Body Soap Bars

Similar to shampoo and conditioner bars, these compact and lightweight soap bars make them ideal for packing in your luggage or carry-on bag, reducing the need for bulky liquid soaps in plastic bottles.

Simply pack both the shampoo/conditioner and body soap bars in a reusable tin or container.

Eco-Roots Organic Body Soap
Photo Cred: Eco-Roots

Editor’s Top Pick: Eco-Roots Organic Body Soap

Another Eco-Roots favorite, this soap is crafted with natural ingredients like rosemary extract, lavender, sage, and lemongrass. We love how hydrating it is for even facial use, and sensitive skin.

Multi-Purpose Color Sticks

Color sticks are super functional for the minimalist traveler's beauty regimen. These versatile, zero-waste sticks can be used as lipstick, blush, and even eyeshadow -- making them the perfect space-saving solution for your carry-on.

Crafted with nourishing, all-natural ingredients like organic coconut oil and vitamin E, they'll keep your skin looking fresh and radiant. It’s really the only makeup that you need for that coveted natural look.

Axiology Color Cream Multi-sticks
Photo Cred: Axiology

Editor’s Top Pick: Axiology Color Cream Multi-sticks

These color multi-sticks are bestsellers with a gorgeous palette to choose from and the formula is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Add a pop of color (so hard to pick one, but try!) to get that radiant glow.

DIY Face Mask for Glowing Skin

DIY face masks are a fantastic zero waste beauty hack for achieving glowing skin while traveling. With the right combination of ingredients, you can get anti-inflammatory to antibacterial properties healing and nourishing your face.

Whipping up a face mask is simple - combine some natural ingredients like honey, sugar scrub, and oatmeal. Apply it evenly to your face, let it work its magic for 10-15 minutes, then rinse off with lukewarm water.

Regular use of face masks can reduce acne, brighten your complexion, and even out skin tone - giving you that coveted natural glow without the need for synthetic skincare products.

But always patch test first and start with a small quantity, as not all ingredients mesh well with all skin types.

Editor’s Top Pick: 9 easy DIY face masks

For step-by-step DIY recipes on the go, these sustainable face masks are Wildr approved. If you want to add DIY jewelry for your trip, check out our article on making wire earrings.

Tips for Traveling with Zero Waste Beauty Products

zero waste products for traveling

Simplicity is key when traveling with zero waste beauty products – opt for multi-functional items like tinted lip balms that double as blush. DIY recipes, such as an oatmeal face mask, are also great options since you can whip them up using ingredients found at your destination, or freeze and pack them from home.

Keep it Simple: Less is More

Minimalism not only reduces your environmental impact but also makes packing a breeze. Stick to versatile, multi-purpose products that can tackle multiple tasks – like a tinted moisturizer with SPF, which hydrates, protects, and evens out your complexion all at once.

Streamlining your beauty routine means less clutter in your luggage and more time to enjoy your adventures.

Embrace the "less is more" philosophy by curating a capsule collection of essential, high-quality products that truly serve your needs. A well-edited travel beauty kit should include a gentle cleanser, and a few makeup staples that can be mixed and matched for various looks.

Use What You Have

Before purchasing new zero waste beauty products for your travels, take a closer look at what you already own. Chances are, you have some items that can be repurposed or used in a more eco-friendly way.

For example, that empty lip balm container? It's perfect for storing a small amount of homemade lotion or mask. Got a few old makeup brushes lying around? Give them a good wash and they'll be as good as new—no need to buy replacements.

By getting creative with what you have, you'll save money and reduce waste at the same time.

Embracing a zero waste beauty routine doesn't mean you have to start from scratch. Work with the products you currently have, using them until they're completely finished.

Choose Products That are Easy to Travel With

When packing your zero waste travel beauty kit, it's smart to minimize liquid products. Opt for solid alternatives like shampoo bars, conditioner bars, and lotion bars—they're compact, TSA-friendly, and won't leak in your luggage.

Swap out liquid foundation for a multi-use color stick, and choose a tooth powder or toothpaste tablets over traditional toothpaste. These simple swaps minimize space in your carry-on while reducing plastic waste for the planet.

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So there you have it – the ultimate guide to zero waste beauty on the go! With these essential products and tips, you can maintain your eco-friendly lifestyle even while traveling.

Remember, every small step towards sustainability counts, and by choosing zero waste beauty options, you're making a positive impact on both your skin and the planet.

Don't be afraid to experiment with DIY recipes and reuse what you already have before buying new products.

Happy travels! Tag us at @madewildr to let us know which of these travel beauty hacks you love and use!


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